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This is a prototype about a 3d top down shooter where you must explore the level, find the boss room and get the doctor back to the teleporter at the start of the level.

It was originally suppose to be a game where you can drive spaceships and to be able to roam its inside as the character in the top down perspective while the ship was moving and you could interact with the ships components like manning the turrets. Working prototypes around that idea has been made but has proven to be quite large task for a two man team to get it done right so instead we left that aspect out and developed a stage where you must get through alien solders and save a scientist.

Feedback is welcomed, would like to know what you think about this game and project in general.


You play as Alzer, a human from Earth in the year 2116 who had been abducted by alien slavers and was taken far away to a place called "Gray Space", also referred as lawless space.

Upon reaching their destination a group of pirates invaded the slaver ship and eliminated them all, they took you to their ship, strapped you to a table and beamed knowledge directly into your brain.

The game takes place a few events ahead where you are assigned on a mission to rescue Dr. Oglenox,
a mad genious of sorts. He is held captive in a Alien Dungeon guarded by soldiers.

You must infiltrate the dungeon and bring Dr Oglenox back to base, use any means necessary to achieve that.



AWSD : Move character

Mouse: Aim

Shift: Sprint

Right Mouse Button: Interact with switches, pickup objects

Left Mouse Button: Shoot

Enterr: Respawn

SPACE: Drink Health Juice

1,2,3 : Switch weapon (Pistol, Grenade, Lavagun)

Mouse scroll wheel: Switch weapon

<<If you walk in the opposite direction of where you are aiming you move slower than if you are facing the same direction as the mouse>>


Programmer & Level Design: @lextsoukalas

Characters, Animation and Object Models: christostriantafillou@hotmail.com

Published Apr 27, 2017
Tags3D, Aliens, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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